Sunday/ no more Targét?

IMG_0214 sm
I like this paper Tyrannosaurus at Target’s stationery department. Check out the ‘R A W R’ (roar!) lettering on its shoulder.

Target is my go-to-store for replenishing essential household and bathroom supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper, detergent, bar soap and ‘Soft Scrub’.  The store does have a nice variety of all kinds of other stuff such as clothing, shoes, electronics, bedding, kitchen supplies, toys and stationery.

There was a time when shoppers would say jokingly ‘I’m going to Targét (a ‘French’ pronunciation)  .. a nod at the stylish but affordable offerings of the store.  I think the store has lost a little of its panache, though.  I have not heard of  the Targét moniker in a long, long time.

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