Saturday/ The Gresham Palace in ‘Spy’

There are a lot of scenes from the city of Budapest in the 2015 spy-spoof flick ‘Spy’, starring Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statham.

Some of them feature the Gresham Palace, now a Four Seasons hotel.   Hey! I know that place, and I love that building, I thought when I saw it on the screen.  My colleague and I went there for cocktails many years ago.  So I had to dig up the picture I took of it, and here it is.

IMG_0792 sm2
I took this picture in late 2008. The Gresham Palace (‘Gresham-palota’) is a an example of Art Nouveau architecture. (Sadly, the world just does not build buildings like these anymore). It was completed in 1906 as an office and apartment building, and even served as barracks in WWII before becoming run-down and decrepit.  Then after an $85 million renovation started in 1999, it opened as the Four Seasons Budapest Hotel in 2004. (Source: Wikipedia).

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  1. I stood in front of the Four Seasons on my trip to Czech Rep, Slovakia and Hungary a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed Budapest more than any of the places I visited including Prague. I am working on posting some pictures on Flickr. I will send a link when ready.

    1. hi Dale – Great, I’m looking forward to it! Yes, Budapest has a long and rich history, and lots of interesting buildings and place in and around the city.

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