Tuesday/ Election Day 2015

Today is election day for cities, counties and states across the USA.  (Not quite as exciting as next year’s presidential election and US Senate or House of Representative elections, but at least it’s something, right?).   It looks as if the ‘Let’s Move Seattle’ levy to improve transportation infrastructure is going to pass, as is the ‘Best Starts’ levy to increase funding for early education for very young kids.   Ksharma Sawant, the unabashed socialist candidate for Seattle City Council, is leading in the polls as well.

In other local news, the rumors have been confirmed : Amazon has opened it’s first brick- and-mortar bookstore (actually made of brick and mortar) here in Seattle. Whatever out of this world books could they be offering inside, I wonder? The store is small, says the first reports – not nearly as big as a typical Barnes & Noble bookstore – but offers a nice experience.  I will have to go and take a look. Surely there will be Kindles for sale as well !

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