Wednesday/ BOBJ (say ‘Bob-jay’)

I spent the last five days workingBusinessobjects with the BW and BOBJ team here to make some corrections to critical reports that we need for our go-live in November.  Any SAP installation is a giant database with tens of thousands of tables and hundreds of millions of records.

BW stands for Business Warehouse, SAP’s data warehouse product.  To be sure, a data warehouse is also a database, but one with preprocessed statistical data that is ready for reporting.   It typically contains statistical daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly figures of costs and numbers of transactions of certain types from the raw SAP database so that reports can quickly and efficiently be produced ‘on demand’.  (With no data warehouse, it will could 20 minutes or longer to produce a report.  And then you find out oh! I want to select other data as well, or adjust the selections .. another 20 minutes.  And so on everyday).   So what is BOBJ? It stands for (SAP) Business Objects, and it is a product that runs in a web browser, and provides quick access to the business critical information available from any device and from anywhere.   (How much of this product have we sold today? What percentage of the scheduled work for today is done? and so on).

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