Tuesday/ electric cars make people mean

Electric and hybrid cars abound in California, since drivers can use them in the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane – and the State mandates that car manufacturers sell a lot of zero emission vehicles.  By the 2025 model year, automakers that sell vehicles in California will have to make 15.4 percent of them ZEV.   But the New York Times report in an article that there are not nearly enough charging stations yet : one public charger for every 10 electric vehicles; about 15,000 in California (33,000 in all of the USA).  One woman says of a man that hogged a public charging space while not charging his car and said  ‘he has to run one more errand’, then walking off, that she seriously considered keying his car.  What is that? I wondered .. and then found out uh-oh! it’s running your car key along someone’s car, making a deep long scratch in it.

IMG_0079 sm
Here’s a little Volt getting some volts at a parking space at the electric utility company where my project’s offices are located.

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