Saturday/ Earthlings watched ‘The Martian’

My friends and I went to the Cinerama movie theater here in downtown Seattle on Saturday to go check out The Martian, the movie of Andy Weir’s self-published book about a marooned astronaut (portrayed by Matt Damon) on Mars, written in 2011.  I am told the movie could not nearly capture all the technical and scientific details from the book .. which is probably understandable because of time and mass-appeal constraints in the movie!   Nonetheless, we liked the movie a lot.  I will now have to go read the book even though I know how it all ends.

IMG_0008 sm
Here’s a panorama shot of the Cinerama theater (the theater building and mural is flat, not curved), on 4th Avenue and Lenora in downtown Seattle.
IMG_0001 sm2
And here is a view of the colorful new exterior of Amazon’s new headquarters called The Gallery, while we were outside the movie theater. I will have to go and take a closer look some time soon.

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