Thursday/ good to go

IMG_9985 sm
I’m about to step into the Alaska Airlines 737-900 for the flight to Seattle. If you’ve made it this far, you are GOOD TO GO! Yes, the flight can still be subject to an unexpected delay, but you can no longer miss your flight.

At 12 noon I got an automated notification from Alaska Airlines that my flight was delayed by 1h 20m, but then as the original departure time approached, they canceled the delay and changed it back to the original departure time!   Luckily I a. noticed the new message* and b. still had enough time to make it out to the airport for the flight.

*I turned off almost all ‘push’ messages from the apps on my phone to try to stem the tsunami of messages.  So no messages from New York Times or King5 news.  No, I do not want to get updates about another mass shooting, this time at a community college in Oregon. What is there to say? A crazy guy with a gun that was way too easy to get/ that he should not have been able to get, shoots 10 people dead. Everyone is shocked.  (Is everyone still shocked?).

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