Saturday/ Fort Flagler State Park

I joined Bryan and Paul at Fort Flagler State Park on Saturday whIMG_9935 smere Paul’s RV trailer was parked.    The State Park is basically located at the northeast corner of the big Olympic Peninsula.

Here is more information from Wikipedia : Fort Flagler State Park is a Washington state park on the site of Fort Flagler, a former United States Army fort at the northern end of Marrowstone Island.
Fort Flagler was a Coast Artillery fort. It was established in 1897 and activated on in 1899. The post was named for Brigadier General Daniel Webster Flagler, an American Civil War veteran who served as the Army’s Chief of Ordnance. The fort was closed in June 1953.
From Fort Flagler State Park, visitors can see Port Townsend to the northwest, the cranes at the Navy base on Indian Island to the west, and Whidbey Island eastward across Admiralty Inlet. Flagler Road (SR 116) terminates inside the park.

9-27-2015 3-03-36 PM sm
Here is the location of the State Park. I took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry to get there. There’s two islands : Indian Island, which is occupied by the Naval Magazine (storage of Navy munitions and providing other logistic support) and Marrowstone Island of which all of the northern part is the State Park.
IMG_9900 sm
This is the Edmonds to Kingston ferry crossing, on the way to Kingston (so the ferry in the picture is going to Edmonds).
IMG_9907 sm
Welcome to our humble abode! On the steps of Paul’s RV trailer in the Ft Flagler State Park’s trailer camp. It was sunny but not very warm (and we did roll out the awning mounted on the side of the trailer).
IMG_9909 sm
This is a view from the bluff to Marrowstone Point. There is a pebblestone ‘beach’ down there, and a rifle range that had been abandoned after Work War I, said the sign by it.
IMG_9911 sm
Here is what remains of one of the spots where heavy battery equipment was mounted (just about all of it removed and melted down as scrap metal during World War II). Fort Flagler, along with Fort Worden and Fort Casey, once guarded the nautical entrance to Puget Sound. These posts, established in the late 1890s, became the first line of a fortification system designed to prevent a hostile fleet from reaching such targets as the Bremerton Naval Yard and the cities of Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett.
IMG_9913 sm
A dugout that is part of a series .. this one called the William Wilhelm battery. OK!
IMG_9915 sm
This is inside a fortified outlook post. There are little lookout windows faced to the Puget Sound on the other side.
IMG_9905 sm
A fishing trawler of sorts, and assorted boats at the village of Marrowstone on Marrowstone Island.
IMG_9949 sm
Making my way back to the city, this time on the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry. It’s a little further south to drive but this ferry is bigger than the Kingston-Edmonds one. (So when there are lots of cars you have a better shot at making this one and not having to wait for the next one!).

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