Sunday/ hello San Jose

My travel for this weekSan Jose is a little different : it is Sunday night and I have already arrived in San Jose here in the south end of the Bay.   I have to support a training session that starts at 8 am in the morning close by.  No way to make it in to the airport AND drive out here in traffic that early!   On the way here I saw streets called Technology Drive and Woz Way*.

*Nickname for Steve Wozniak, inventor, electronics engineer and computer programmer that single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I, the computer that launched Apple (from Wikipedia).

IMG_9832 sm
It was rainy and a little windy when we left Seattle at around 6 pm.
IMG_9836 sm
San Jose airport’s Terminal B has a giant pint of beer outside the Brit Bar. (The Brits just say pint when they mean a pint of beer, of course).
IMG_9840 sm
The Marriott hotel that I’m staying in is right by the San Jose Convention Center.

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