Thursday/ final stretch

We’re in the final stretch of our project.  We are fixing defects and making functionality improvements for the pilot solution, and then the final solution has to be rolled out to all of the rest of the target users.   The next few weeks will be a busy time, since the full user group and the data conversions that support them is about ten times the size of the pilot user group and their data.

IMG_9763 sm
The view of the International Terminal at San Francisco airport. I had just dropped off the rental car, and I was on the little ‘air train’ that is taking us from the rental car facility to the airport building.


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  1. hi Dale ! It’s a mixed bag .. some cell phone, some with my big camera. I’m definitely on the hunt for a new camera, possibly a mirrorless SLR camera with interchangeable lenses. The big camera takes terrific picture, especially in low light, but it’s just too heavy and big to lug around. -Willem

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