Monday/ arrival in Cape Town

IMG_8914 sm
The sign at the security check point in Frankfurt.

I made the long journey south (10 hours) from Frankfurt to Johannesburg on Sunday night in a big A380-800*, and then took a 2-hour flight on South African Airways to Cape Town from Johannesburg.  At our arrival in Jo’burg we were all heat scanned by a camera, for fever/ Ebola symptoms, said the sign.

*I sat all the way back in row 96G, in a little coach section tucked upstairs into the tail of the A380.  It made us forget we were flying in an enormous airplane, but the seats were not particularly comfortable, nor spacious, of course.   The other problem was that my luggage took a long long time to come out in Johannesburg (the fault of the big airplane or slow baggage service? both?) : some 45 minutes.  So I had to make a run for my connection to Cape Town.

IMG_8915 sm
I liked the set of cut-outs of German band members in their lederhosen in the duty-free store at Frankfurt, but they did not persuade me to buy any booze or chocolate. (I had too much to carry already).
IMG_8936 sm
Here’s the nose of the A380 at the gate in Johannesburg.

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