Sunday/ Carkeek Park

IMG_8580 sm
The foot bridge over the railway track offers a nice panorama of Puget Sound, its shoreline and the Olympics in the distance.  (There are no views of the Seattle downtown skyline .. probably a good thing, right?).

I drove out to Carkeek* Park on the northern outskirts of the Seattle metropolitan area this Sunday afternoon to enjoy some of the sunny weather.  The Park is big .. 216 acres, and offers hiking trails and playgrounds in addition to the strip of pebbles and rough along Puget Sound.   I waited for a train to come by, and my patience was rewarded : a Burlington North-Santa Fe oil train came along.  I counted about 110 cars on the train!

*named after an English building contractor who came to Seattle in 1875.

carkeek park sm
Carkeek Park’s location on the Puget Sound.
IMG_4179 sm
I am on the bridge and looking north, and the train has just – all of it, finally – passed under the foot bridge. The front engine is already out of sight, snaking around the corner in the far distance up ahead.

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