Thursday/ home (sweet home)

IMG_8511 sm2
A road runner at our little office building came by to say hello (the real one of the namesake cartoon character in Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner). Now I want to watch some of those cartoons again, just to hear The Roadrunner say ‘Beep! Beep!’.

It was a long haul back from Kettleman City to LAX International Airport.  I dropped off the rental car without refueling it since I was cutting it close for making my flight.  Then our Hertz rental car shuttle bus was packed, and the Alaska Airlines stop was the last one (of six stops! Man!  Are the contractors done yet with that LAX Train/ Automated People Mover System as it is called?).   I see the now-infamous LaGuardia airport in New York City (it opened in 1939) is finally going to get a $4 billion make-over with a high-speed ferry and train connections. Construction of the project’s first half is expected to start in 2016, with completion scheduled for 2021.

IMG_8529 sm2
The San Diego Freeway or 405 South was full of traffic but at least we kept moving.

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