Monday/ First and Mission St construction

I made it in to foggy SFO a little later than scheduled – as usual these last few weeks – and headed for our client’s Beale St building for meetings all day.

I had a nice view from the 23rd floor of the ambitious construction going on around First and Mission St in the Embarcadero district.    The Transbay Tower is going to be the tallest building in the city in 2017, with the futuristic aluminum-skinned Transbay Transit Center right next to it.   Here is a link to the TransBay Center Interactive Map.

San Francisco city center’s new buildings. [Source : The San Francisco Chronicle]
IMG_7815 sm
Here’s a 23rd floor view from Beale St and looking southwest to the on-going construction around Mission St and First St. Look at the top left of the frame between two tall buildings for a little bit of the incoming Bay Bridge.
IMG_7816 sm
Entering the Embarcadero train station to take the train across the Bay to Walnut Creek.
IMG_7817 sm
Cool picture on board the BART train with lots of 3D geometry figures, and – the real mathematical formulas for calculating their volumes or surface areas!

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