Sunday/ eating out at lark

My friends and I went to Lark Restaurant tonight .. newly located in a repurposed warehouse on 10th Ave in Capitol Hill.  It’s nice to see a ‘new’ place that for once did not involve the complete demolition of the original building.  I see the restaurant bills itself as offering ‘French’ food .. but I had a very Pacific Northwestern meal of salad and salmon and that universal of desserts, a gooey and chocolate-y.  All very nice.  The ‘Old German Lager’ style beer I had was brewed in Pittsburgh and did not quite hit the mark for me, though.

IMG_7535 sm
Lark on 10th Avenue in Capitol Hill. The main restaurant is downstairs with more seating upstairs.  Upstairs is where the bar called Bitter/ Raw is (strange name for a bar – no?).


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