Friday/ South African coins (1962)

I couldn’t resist these South African brass coins when I saw them on eBay, and so I bought them and found them in my mailbox on Thursday night.  I had them in my pocket as a young boy.  I remember the 1/2 cent coin with the two sparrows particularly well.   The 1 cent coin with the ossewa (ox wagon) was not as common.  These particular coins were not minted for long : only from 1961 to 1964, when they were replaced with a new series of coins.

IMG_3521 sm2
From left to right : An American dime, 1962 South African 1/2c and 1c coins (brass).
IMG_3526 sm2
The obverse of the South African coins with Jan van Riebeeck, a Dutch colonialist and the founder of the modern Cape Town (in 1652). ‘Eendrag maak mag’ .. stand together! says the inscription.


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