Monday/ Google’s self-driving car

IMG_7449 sm
This is one of three Lexus RX450h vehicles that Google has made into a driverless car (others are Toyota Priuses and an Audi TT).

I made my usual run out to San Francisco on Monday morning. Check out the Google self-driving car that were in front of us as we left San Francisco airport, driving north on highway I-80 to San Francisco.  It’s full of gadgets, and it did have a driver in attendance, but his hands were not on the steering wheel.    The car made a lane change past a slow vehicle – automatically, I assume – signaling correctly each time before it changed lanes.

[From Wikipedia]  The software controlling the car is called Google Chauffeur. Google’s robotic cars are each fitted with about $150,000 in equipment.  That’s a 64-beam laser mounted on top, continuously generating a detailed 3D image of the car’s environment.


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