Thursday/ out of juice

I forgot to fully charge my phone Wednesday night, and I image2fpngended up with a dead phone on the way to the airport (drained battery).   The rental car had no USB port to charge it with.  I could not use my notebook computer to charge it*. Finally – no open outlets at San Francisco airport’s International Terminal (come on SFO, we want the same tech amenities you have in Terminals 1, 2 and 3).  So! Cannot read e-mail or send e-mail, get called or texted, or talk to people – or anything. SO WHAT, I realized. Sit back and take a break from it all !

*One final trick for me to get a charge into the phone battery would have been to connect the phone with its USB cord to my notebook computer. It just so happens that my new firm-issued computer’s start switch has a glitch. It cannot start up without being connected to an electrical outlet.  Aargh.

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