Thursday/ Market Street, San Francisco

I have a meeting tomorrow at our client’s head office in downtown San Francisco, and so I am staying over in downtown (instead of over on the east Bay side in Walnut Creek).  The pictures are from around Market Street in the Embarcadero district.

IMG_7189 sm
The Hobart building is right by the Montgomery Street BART station. (Should an artist not be enlisted to paint something on the blank canvas that is the side of the building?).
IMG_7195 sm
This ornate old streetlamp is at the corner of Market Street and Third Street.  The bus and the bikers are on Market Street.
IMG_7201 sm
The Hearst Building’s front entrance is on Third Street. The original Hearst building was completed in 1898 but destroyed by the earthquake and fire of 1906. A new one was built in its place (this one) and it opened its doors in 1911.


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