Friday/ very mild weather

It felt like spring here in Seattle on Friday with very mild weather (57 °F/ 14 °C) .. which was good because I had several errands to run.  Lots of ‘new’ things happened.  I took two new pairs of pants to the tailor to adjust them, and I checked into my firm’s newly refurbished office space (we just moved up 10 floors in our building in downtown Seattle). And while I was there – I picked up my new Lenovo notebook computer and a new ‘jet pack*’ network device as well !

*It’s a little device that uses the phone network to provide wireless connectivity anywhere in the USA.   Yes, airports provide free wireless internet access, but many times it is just too slow.

IMG_7093 sm
Here’s a glimpse up north on Broadway at the Seattle Community College. The two sets of rails in the surface of the road is for a new street car (not yet in service). And check out the line of parking spots between the street car and the bike lanes. Better be VERY careful while getting out after one had parked one’s car!
This picture of higher-or-lower-compared-to-hisrorical-temperatures is from Cliff Mass’s weather blog. There is a high-pressure ridge in place that assures the western USA of higher than normal weather. Meanwhile – in the east – there is yet more snow and very frigid weather expected.


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