Thursday/ going home

IMG_6963 sm
At the gate at San Francisco airport. Over at the next gate is a Sun Country Airlines Boeing 737. No, it’s not a foreign airline : the airline is based in Minneapolis–Saint Paul in Minnesota, and has a fleet of 21 airplanes.
IMG_6965 sm
This is the C concourse of Seattle airport after my arrival. My first thought was the 3 means three days to the Superbowl! but no – it’s of course the No 3 jersey of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

It’s been a tough work week for me, and I was very happy to drive out to San Francisco airport Thursday afternoon. Our flight was on time, and went without incident, which I am always thankful for. The guy right next to me brought a large pizza on board for dinner. A woman in front of me had her hair dyed in three colors.  Hmm, I thought. The two shades of brown look great, but that reddish brown is one color too many.  But none of my business, right?

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  1. Russel Wilson!! Of course. I didn’t realize u were blogging until I stumbled upon an old link in “my favorites”. good to hear your voice!

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