Thursday/ the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel

My colleague and I shared a rental car and he drove us to the airport.  We always drive through a tunnel on the way there and today I finally checked out the San Francisco map to pin down the location of the tunnel.  It’s the upper deck of the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel, in fact.  Yerba Buena is named for an abundant plant in the area, an alternative name for  hierba buena, literally meaning “good herb” in Spanish.

IMG_6865 sm
Where are we? I know we’re on the Bay Bridge driving west, but how come there is a tunnel on the bridge .. ?
1-22-2015 11-26-53 PM
We’re actually on the two connected islands called Treasure Island and Yerba Buena Island, and the tunnel goes through Yerba Buena Island.



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