Sunday/ the Seahawks have it

Russel Wilson NFC trophy
Russell Wilson with the NFC trophy (shouldn’t the trophy be a little bigger?). The Seahawks will meet the New England Patriots in the Superbowl two weeks from now.

Oh, I cannot watch this any longer, I thought, as the Seahawks were down 0-16 at half-time.  Let me get my errands done before it gets too late.  (I fly out to San Francisco in the morning, hope my ear is going to be OK).   Then in the 4th quarter I learned that the Hawks were rapidly catching up and going for broke. By the time I got home they were up 22-19.   The Packers put in a field goal to even at 22-22.   Time was up, and now it was into overtime.  Three minutes in, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw a perfect ball 35 yards down the middle to Jermaine Kearse for the winning touchdown.


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