Friday/ the Kingston ferry

IMG_6520 sm
I love this retro sign on board the ferry. The ferries all have names and ours was the Walla Walla (I couldn’t find out what the M.V. stands for). Walla Walla is a native American (Indian) name and means ‘place of many waters’.

We headed back to the mainland on Friday, taking the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds this time.   It’s a short crossing – only 30 minutes.  The sun had come out by the time we set sail, but it was still very chilly on the upper deck !

IMG_6512 sm
These giant gnome wood carvings are at a filling station in Kingston.    Gas goes for as low as $2.29/ gallon on Kitsap Peninsula. 
IMG_6522 sm
Here we had just left the Kingston ferry terminal.  Only a few brave souls ventured out onto the decks.


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