Monday/ picky, picky, picky

IMG_6422 sm
Seattle downtown’s Christmas tree. (With a Starbucks coffee store right next to it. We have a Starbucks on every other block in downtown Seattle).

I waited until Monday to run out the department stores here in downtown Seattle – not for Christmas shopping, really. Just stuff.  What was on my shopping list?  Two new pairs of dress pants for work, as well as a winter jacket.  A new suitcase.  And one never knows, whatever catches my fancy .. but no on-the-spot impulse buying of any one item more than $100 is allowed in the Willem shopping modus operandi (method of operating).

Alas, my experiences downtown and at the Northgate shopping mall were decidedly lacking.   Nordstrom did not have my size ‘Bonobos’ (a brand name) dress pants in colors other than khaki.  I have two pairs of khaki pants already. (I should just buy it on-line). Macy’s had no jackets that I really liked (and I have bought several jackets there over the years).   Finally, when I got to the Bergman luggage store to buy a new black Samsonite 22″ suitcase for all my travels, no luck either.  They had the ugliest set of new Samsonite suitcases! Ugg-ly! They now only make shiny hard-shell ‘spinners’ .. those suitcases with the four little wheels.  I prefer the big two-wheeled design – with those you can run to the gate and not miss your flight, and they have more space inside.

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