Friday/ it’s the weekend

I couldn’t resist postingHim-No-he-doesn’t-want-a-cookie-he-says-I-can-have-two-555x408 these animal pictures I found on-line.   (The puma one is a little cruder .. my apologies if it offends! .. but what a cool cat).











I did get caught up with the week’s serious news here in the USA on Friday as well, courtesy of NBC News, here.

1. Obama unveils deportation relief for immigrants. It affects 5 million immigrants that are in the US illegally. The Republicans have no substantive response. After issuing all kinds of impeachment and legal threats over immigration, they sue Obama over the Affordable Care Act* and go home early for the Thanksgiving break.    *Obama’s signature health-care law. Nothing to do with immigration.  Last year the Supreme Court ruled in favor of it.

2. Seven feet of snow fell this week in Buffalo, NY. A dozen people have now died in the massive snowstorm that has brought some 7 feet of snow since Tuesday in the Buffalo, New York, area.
3. Florida State University gunman that wounded 3 was paranoid of government: cops. Yet another mentally ill person with a gun going into a school/ university and shooting people.
4. Michael Brown’s father calls for calm. A grand jury in St Louis, MO is about to issue their decision as to whether the policeman killing Michael Brown should be indicted.
6. Bill Cosby quiet as another accuser surfaces. Bill Cosby is accused by several women of him drugging them (this was decades ago) and molesting or raping them. Cosby’s lawyer says he is being villified.(Which is true, but still leaves the question as to whether he is a villain?).

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