Thursday/ Powell Street, San Francisco

I am staying over in downtown San Francisco tonight.  I have to attend a mandatory ‘Talent Transformation’ session hosted by my Firm.  Here are some pictures I took early evening on Powell Street.

IMG_5988 sm
No, it’s not the ’70s. It’s a BART station display board ad for the new Volkswagen Golf. I recognize the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and the TransAmerica Building in the picture.
IMG_6006 sm
Here’s the corner of Powell St and O’Farrell St. I love the green art deco building. I’m not sure of its history but I hope it can bear now being a sneaker store!
IMG_5995 sm
Here’s the Powell/ Market St Trolley (taking a break before loading up with passengers). There is a turn-around at Market St : the car turns 360°C and goes right back the way it came.
IMG_6016 sm
Check out the rainbow-colors on the lighted stairs inside the Union Square Uniqlo store. The store has a wide selection of clothes at great prices, and I bought two shirts and a sweater.

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