Saturday/ all things LEGO

Picture from the LEGO website. The reindeer is new .. and that’s an elf hat on its head


1. a construction toy consisting of interlocking plastic building blocks.
2. from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means ‘play well’.

We watched The Lego Movie last night .. a non-stop animation action flick of all kinds of Lego characters, vehicles and sets. (Spoiler alert : two humans, a dad and his son, make an appearance at the end). The movie has a good message : ‘Everyone is special, and capable of doing great things – even if you sometimes think you’re not’.

I read on Wikipedia that the movie is an American-Australian-Danish collaboration, and from an idea that goes back to 2008. Most of the animation is computer-generated, but the animators used only available LEGO characters and building blocks. It’s hard to imagine how many countless hours must have been spent putting all the scenes together. If I had a DVD for the movie I would stop at some scenes and just check out everything that was built to make up some of the very elaborate backdrops. Some are of the city, some of the Wild West with horses and pigs and all, and some are of outer space.

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