Monday/ The Embarcadero

I’m on BART (blue dot) and my way from the airport to The Embarcadero – where my firm’s office and our client’s head office are (red pin).

I finally got to ride on BART today : the veritable and well-ridden by now – Bay Area Rapid Transit – in service since the ’70s and showing it.  Taking it to Walnut Creek at rush hour was a crowded, sweaty affair!

IMG_5672 sm
The San Francisco Ferry Building was completed in 1898. The clock tower is 245 feet tall. The inside was renovated in 2002, and the ground floor is now filled with restaurants and food shops.
IMG_5679 sm
Here’s the Bay side of the Embarcadero, and the Bay Bridge. (It is the older western section that connects downtown San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island).
IMG_5678 sm
This is the gorgeous inside of the Ferry Building, the second floor. The second is mostly empty (not full of stores and people, the way the ground floor is) and a guard wanted to know what I wanted. ‘I want to take a picture’ I said. May I? Yes, no problem, go ahead, he said.
IMG_5689 sm
Here’s what the BART train looks like. Not too shabby on the outside, right? Most of the BART stations seem very utilitarian, not splashy or with artsy displays at all.

Over lunch time I got to see some of the sights in the Embarcadero area in downtown San Francisco.  It was a warm cloudless day. I did not have a lot of time and just walked straight to the waterside to check out the Ferry Building to see the water in the Bay.

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