Thursday/ the ‘jet pack’ to the rescue

We stayed very late at the office last night, and we were very happydownload to get out of there today .. but the work never really stops.  When I got at San Francisco airport after driving the rental car there this afternoon, there were 20 new e-mails on my smartphone.   One simply said ‘Send KDD* slides’, from our project manager.  Yikes. This must be urgent, I thought. *KDD stands for key design decisions, that our proposed solution will be built on.

The file is large and I could not send it with my phone.  I had no luck using the airport’s wireless network either.  (For my second attempt I was at the TSA security station.  The notebook computer screen was open, and the agent closed it before I could stop him, killing the connection).  Aargh.  Right, I only had 5 more minutes before I had to board my flight.  Time to pull out the heavy artillery : my Verizon ‘Mi-Fi’ JetPack. It creates a secure personal hot spot (wireless connection).   Let’s go, let’s go .. why so slow? send it !  wait for the confirmation .. yes! made it.

IMG_5543 sm
San Francisco airport’s International Terminal at 5.15 pm tonight. I am about to drop my bag at the check-in counter.

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