Tuesday/ not this Concord

IMG_5530 sm
We’re completely stuck in traffic. Concord is actually very close to Walnut Creek : only 5 miles up on I-680.

Concord .. hmm, maybe they grow grapes there, I told my colleague as I noticed the sign post pointing there (Concord grapes, the ones they make jelly with).  We were stuck in traffic. We had just exited I-680 and making our way back to the hotel in Walnut Creek.   But no, I was wrong.  Yes, the Concord grape is a cultivar derived from the grape species Vitis labrusca (also called fox grape).  But the major growing areas are the Finger Lakes District of New York, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, South-western Michigan, and the Yakima Valley in Washington.  And the original Concord grape hails from Concord, Massachusetts : developed in 1849 by Ephraim Wales Bull.  [Source for all this information : Wikipedia].

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