Tuesday/ travel glitches

IMG_5347 sm
We’re about to step into the Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 bound for San Francisco. The sign that confirms the flight number, destination, and that 23 minutes to departure remains is new to me.

There were some glitches with my travel into the project office today – but nothing too serious.   Early in the morning the Alaska Airlines bar code reader at the boarding door refused to cooperate.  When it had finally been fixed, the attendant simply announced that ‘Everyone is welcome to board’.

After my arrival in San Francisco, it was my turn to rent a car for the team to share – but Hertz were out of cars.  San Francisco had too many Labor Day weekend visitors that brought back their rental cars only this morning.   But I finally got my car, and my colleague and I could take off for Walnut Creek by driving across the Bay Bridge.

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