Saturday/ unpacking

It’s always fun for me to unpack my suitcases and rediscover my acquisitions from a trip. These are almost always modest, since they have to fit in my suitcases.  If I didn’t have a backpack and two suitcases already, I would have brought one of my mom’s oil paintings with.  But that would have been the straw that broke this camel’s back.  Couldn’t have handled it, with me getting on the train to Amsterdam from the airport, and back again.

IMG_3319 sm
Let’s see .. the little melamine tray with tulips is from the Rijksmuseum, the Bols brandy-in-porcelain house is a freebie from KLM Business Class, the Delft porcelain plate was 50% off because the colors were not ‘right’ (looked fine to me), and the Tintin die-cast Jeep was ‘free’ if I bought two Tintin books, which I did.
IMG_3328 sm
Here’s a close-up. This is the venerable Willys MB 1943 US Army Jeep with Tintin, Snowy and Thomson and Thompson, depicted on the cover of ‘Land of Black Gold’. Thomson and Thompson have long flowing green beards because they fell victim to a strange illness in the story.

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