Thursday/ arrival in Amsterdam

IMG_5105 sm
That’s Lake Chad below us as we fly over West Africa. It’s always been a shallow lake, and it has shrunk dramatically over the last few decades, says Wikipedia (due to unsustainable water extraction).
IMG_5114 sm
And here’s our KLM Airlines’s Airbus sitting at the gate in Amsterdam after flying for 11 hrs from Cape Town. (Well .. sitting at the end of a long telescopic walk way!).

I arrived in Amsterdam Thursday morning at around 11 am.  I lucked out when I checked in : KLM offered business class seat upgrades at an 80% discount (which came to only a few hundred dollars).

So it was an easy decision for me to pay the money to sit up front in a big seat.  I got a few hours of sleep in on the overnight flight, that way as well.

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