Monday/ Paso Robles

Pablo Robles
Paso Robles is about a 3 hr-drive down from San Francisco on Highway 101.

It turned out to be quite a day of travel for me.  After arriving at San Francisco airport, my colleague and I rented a car and drove out to Walnut Creek – on the east side of the Bay.  So that allowed me to check in and meet the project’s team members.   HOWEVER, there are annual maintenance activities scheduled for a facility in the Paso Robles area, and moi is going to represent the team there tomorrow to observe the work methods and gather information for suggestions as to which  improvements could be made to the systems that support the scheduling and execution of the work.   So we figured I’d better hit the road sooner rather than later to escape the traffic around San Francisco, and off I went around 2.30 pm.   The drive went well, and I pulled into Paso Robles off of US-101 right at about 6.00 pm tonight.

IMG_4541 sm
Here’s our Alaska Airlines flying machine (Boeing 737-800) parked at the gate at San Francisco airport. Check out the gloomy fogginess in the air !
IMG_4556 sm
Here we’re crossing the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge complex. The old truss bridge on the right is scheduled for demolition and will be gone by 2016.
IMG_4561 sm
Alright, I have to confess I was driving while I took this picture of the blue sky and green signboards on Highway 101 .. but I had both hands on the steering wheel with the phone between them, and took one picture.   And there were no cars directly in front of me or behind me.

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