Saturday/ ferry to Hansville

Hansville via Bainbridge Island
The trip to Hansville after the ferry landing at Bainbridge Island across from Seattle. Hansville is at the north end of the Hood Canal, the canal running from the bottom left all the way to the top into the big Puget Sound body of water.

Bryan and I went out to Hansville on the Kitsap peninsula for Saturday. It’s a combination drive-ferry across the water-drive trip to get there. Either of the Edmonds-Kingston or Seattle-Bainbridge Island crossings can be used,¬†and this time we used the one to Bainbridge Island on the way in.

On the way back we took the Kingston-Edmonds ferry.

IMG_4116 sm
On the ferry.  Downtown Seattle on Saturday morning with the Space Needle on the far left. At the left edge of the picture is a cruise ship. There were actually a total three docked cruise ships, probably all due to set sail to Alaska later on Saturday.
IMG_4132 sm
We arrived at Bainbridge Island and we’re about to drive off onto the ramp that is lowered to meet the ferry’s deck. My car ended up right in the front! The bicyclists and bikers get to go first, though.
IMG_4154 sm
Here’s the view onto Hood Canal on Sunday morning. The tide in Puget Sound is at its low ebb, and fog has rolled in overnight. It’s summer, and the fog burned off soon after, though.
IMG_4163 sm
On the way back on the Kingston to Edmonds ferry called Spokane. The ferry’s flag was flapping steadily in the wind.

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