Wednesday/ Denver’s Bike to Work day

It was Bike to Work day here in Denver today.   The Denver Post reports that Denver is second only to San Francisco in its Bike to Work day participants (30,000 to SF’s 40,000). We were skeptical of the 30,000 number reported for Denver, though.  We did not really see more-than-usual bikers out on the street this morning.  Anyway : the idea is that encouraging people to try biking to work one day will result in some of them doing it regularly.  Of course, if one lives far away, one can bike to the nearest bus station or train station, and then bike to work from one’s arrival bus stop or train station.

IMG_3633 sm
A large number of bicyclists were out on the street shortly after 9 pm tonight. This is the view from my hotel room at the corner of Welton and 14th Streets. I am not sure if these were ‘Bike to Work day’ bikers !

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