Monday/ the many options for a ride to downtown

Denver has four major taxi companies operating at the airport.  A fifth one’s application was turned down by the authorities in 2008; the founders sued, the Colorado Supreme Court finally found in their favor, and now Mile High Cab will start operating as well.   Then there are the new digital age taxi business start-ups called Uber and Lyft that operate very differently.   Drivers bring their own cars, are ordered by one’s smartphone with all one’s payment information set up already, enabling the passenger to literally hop in and out of the car without ever needing to deal with cash or a credit card to pay the driver. 

For now I still use the traditional taxi companies when I emerge out of the airport, mostly because there are always cabs available at the taxi stand right there. So the wait time for me is zero.  Yes, on the back-end I have to pay with cash or credit card – not as smooth as it would have been with say, Uber, but that’s OK.  If I had used Uber, I would have more trouble to deal with up front : wait for a little bit, and then be on the look-out for the driver/ his car’s number plate, or tell him exactly where I am.   

IMG_3093 sm
Here’s the view from Brighton Blvd as my Freedom Cabs taxi approaches downtown Denver from the airport on the way in on Monday morning.  My cab looks the same as the one in the picture !     When Freedom Cabs started in 1995, it was the first completely new Denver cab company allowed to launch in nearly fifty years. But now there is a new business model around with Uber and Lyft.


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