Wednesday/ 14th St early morning

My body clock is still shifted toward going to bed early and getting up early, so I went for a walk early in the morning.  (Normally I go to bed late and sleep until I have to get up!). Here are some pictures I took along 14th Street here in downtown Denver.

IMG_2483 sm
This building used to house the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. Completed in 1929, it offered dialing telephone service for the first time in Denver. It is now occupied by communications company CenturyLink.
IMG_2495 sm
A giant beer tap on the Euclid Bar and Kitchen Hall. Hmm. Do they discuss mathematics over a beer inside there? I hope so.
IMG_2493 sm
The Ted in Ted’s Montana Grill is Ted Turner, CNN founder. I think Ted Turner owns half of the state of Montana (or something like that). He is credited with re-establishing large herds of bison there. From Wikipedia : As part of the restaurant’s unusual but aggressive approach to environmentalism, it “re-introduced the paper straw” , so as to not use plastic (paper straws have not been produced in the United States since 1970).
IMG_2503 sm
And here is a panorama view across from Sam’s Diner on 15th Street. That’s the Denver clock tower lit up in pink on the left.

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