Saturday night/ in Seattle

I made it in to my Seattle home at around 2 pm this afternoon.  The flight went well; Lufthansa took good care of us and I managed to sleep a little bit.   It’s just all those time zones we crossed to get here : my body clock has a lot of adjustment to do.

IMG_2418 sm
I almost bought this Bavarian teddy bear in the duty-free shop. (It’s a little too big, I thought – but maybe I should have).
IMG_2422 sm
‘Here it is all about the sausage’, says the tag line on Hermann’s sausage stand.


IMG_2439 sm
I’m checking out the blue and gold tails of two Lufthansa’s fleet from my window seat on the bus that is taking us to our aircraft out on the tarmac.
IMG_2443 sm
.. and we’re boarding. It’s an Airbus A330-300. This particular type of Airbus has been in service for about 10 years.


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