Saturday/ layover in Frankfurt

It is 7.30 pm in Germany on Saturday night.  I am back at Frankfurt airport after arriving this morning.  I did stay over for 8 hours in the Sheraton hotel right on the doorstep of the airport – very convenient.   I split the time between sleeping, and taking a quick train ride out to the city.

IMG_1908 sm
A panorama of the inside of Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof (main train station).
IMG_1926 sm
The main facade is undergoing renovation (Should that clock not be a little bigger? Will it be cheating to replace it with a bigger, grander clock?).
IMG_1927 sm
This is a view of the city outside the main trainstation (which is not quite in the city center). It was a bright blue sky spring day in Frankfurt. This picture does not show it, but the city squares and open spaces were filled with people that wanted to enjoy the weather and Easter weekend.
IMG_1936 sm
And here is a political poster from the German Communist Party with a message to the USA and Europe (and Germany, the ring on the blue hand) : Hands Off the Ukraine !  (Well. The hand that’s grabbing at the Ukraine is actually Russia’s, not?).

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