Thursday/ going to watch the paint dry

It was a beautiful day outside here in Denver, much too nice to spend it in the office.  I see there is sunny weather on tap for Friday and the weekend in Seattle as well, though. That’s a good thing : the new green paint on my house will be able to dry nicely.

IMG_1731 sm
This is early Wednesday night.  Katie Mullen’s Irish Pub with the cute toucan on 16th Ave in Denver downtown is still quiet. ‘See what toucan do’ is sometimes written under the toucan mascot. The toucan comes from a Guinnesss beer advertising campaign a long time ago.
IMG_1727 sm
The urban cowboy bronze statue on Broadway no longer have to endure a coat of snow some mornings.   The tall building in the back belongs to Wells Fargo Bank, the top meant to imitate a cash register.
House sm
Here’s a picture from the home front (courtesy of Bryan). The north side of my house shows off its new coat of green paint. The square window is where my study is on the second floor.  (Yes, that’s my neighbor’s roof and gutter on the right.  Definitely needs work!).

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