Tuesday/ Watercourse restaurant

We had dinner tonight at the Watercourse restaurant : a place that serves up tasty vegetarian & vegan food on 17th Ave in Denver.  I had a stir-fried Thai pasta with tofu .. quite good, actually.

IMG_1650 sm
An assortment of animals preparing dinner for themselves, at the restaurant’s entrance. The listing in the frame says that there are : 3 antelopes, 2 beavers, 3 big horn sheep, 1 bison, 1 caterpillar, 4 chipmunks, 2 deer, 3 lady bugs, 3 mice, 1 porcupine, 2 prairie dogs, 3 rabbits, 1 rocky mountain goat and 3 squirrels.  (I don’t see the caterpillar; it may be because I could not capture all of the picture).
The artwork was done by local artist Ravi Zupa.


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