Sunday/ stay some more! (or not).

IMG_1615 sm
From Blue to Sliver to Gold to Diamond in 6 months of staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Denver. (Are they saying a hot balloon ride is the ultimate travel experience?).

Here’s what happens when you stay at the same hotel 3 or 4 nights every week : you become a ‘Diamond’ member in six months or so.  (Or ‘Platinum’ – it depends on the hotel chain).  The membership cards arrived in quick succession from the Hilton, each promising more exciting travel experiences.   Or the frequent traveler can get an upgrade to a nicer room, or stay for a few more free nights at any property of the hotel.    I see Conde Nast says there was a major program devaluation in March, so Hilton points don’t go nearly as far as they used to.   Oh well.  So there’s a little less of a free thing.   And if you travel year-round, the nicest vacation is staying put right at home.

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