Sunday/ no cherry blossoms yet

I walked down to Madison Park and the Japanese Garden here this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day with sunshine and blue sky, but it is still not short sleeve weather (got up to 53°F/ 12°C).  I was hoping to find cherry blossoms on the cherry tree from Mt Fuji in the garden, but it’s too early for that.  Washington DC is famous for its cherry blossoms as well, and I see the ‘peak bloom’ there is forecast for between April 7 and April 11.

IMG_1507 sm
The trees still seem to be in their winter slumber. This is Lake Washington Blvd that runs along Lake Washington, and also goes by the Japanese Garden and the Arboretum here in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood.
IMG_1514 sm
The rhododendrons in the Japanese Garden are full of flowers. (Rhododendron from ancient Greek ῥόδον rhódon ‘rose’ and δένδρον déndron ‘tree’).
IMG_1527 sm
And here is a panoramic view of the pond in the Garden. I’m looking southeast, more or less.

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