Thursday/ Capitol Hill, Olive Way Exit

‘Capitol Hill, Olive Way Exit, please’  isnever-let-me-go-kazuo-ishiguro-paperback-cover-art what I tell the little Prius Yellow Cab driver every Thursday night when I get into the taxi at Seattle airport.  (It’s the exit to take from Interstate 5 to get to Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood). We arrived late again last night – we departed late – and by the time the taxi pulled up at my house it was exactly midnight.  The front porch light that I had left on on Monday morning, was out, I noticed. I have to replace the bulb.   And there was something lying in the street .. oh, a paperback. I picked it up and brought it into the house.  So now I will have to read it, right?  It’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ from Kazuo Ishiguro. One review of the book says the writer poses the fundamental question ‘What makes us human?’ in the book. Hmm.  And I thought we were all computers. (Just kidding!).

IMG_1495 sm
This United airplane with its 1970s-era ‘Friend Ship’ paint job has been around since 2011.  It’s an Airbus A320, that celebrated the 85th Anniversary of United Airlines .. on Thursday it was parked at the gate next to ours at Denver airport.

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