Friday/ lots of little errands

I ran out today for lunch with an old friend. He and his partner have a condo on the 28th floor in downtown Seattle, so of course I had to take a picture of the city from there.  I also took care of many little outstanding and annoying errands : new printer cartridge for my home office, new C-size battery for the alarm clock in the bathroom (yes, bathroom : so that I am not late for the cab at 4 am on Monday mornings! hurry up sleepy head!), food for the weekend, cash withdrawal from the bank, changed into some $5 bills ($20s are no good for cab fares* and tipping in Denver).

*I should try the cash-free slick Uber car service some time soon, and ditch the taxis that still want cash.

Seattle Downtown 2 sm
Here’s a 28th floor view of downtown Seattle, looking south. I marked up the picture with some notes that interest me!
IMG_1420 sm
This montage of years now long gone in the city, is at the entrance of the Wells Fargo Bank on 5th Ave in downtown Seattle.  Always with the horsies and the stage coach, part of the Wells Fargo logo.  I am sure many of those were robbed of their cash in the Wild West.

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