Tuesday’s done

IMG_1269 sm
This is 8 pm and there is a little more snow on the sidewalks and streets.

The blue-sky weather of Monday had gone by today.  By early evening, the winter chills from the North Pole refrigerator pushed the temperatures here down to 12 ºF (-11 ºC).  I could still make it to the hotel with my woolen hat, scarf and gloves.  But if that +12  ºF were to go to -12 ºF (-24  ºC), all bets would be off !

We are approaching the end of Cycle 1 on our project.  There are 4 cycles on our plan, each progressively building out and testing bigger chunks of the solution we are deploying.  We had a team dinner scheduled for tomorrow night, but (mercifully) that got canceled.  Yes! I thought, when the cancellation notification popped into my inbox.

IMG_1260 sm
Here’s the 7 pm view from the corner of 18th Ave and Broadway in downtown Denver. The powdery snow is just starting to stick to the streets. (No, the white SUV is not traveling at nearly the speed of light; it’s my panning left to right with my phone camera that compressed it length-wise!).

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