Saturday/ Superbowl fever

The Superbowl is tomorrow, Sunday.  Go Seahawks!  Check out the gorgeous Boeing-owned 747-8 Freighter decked out in Seahawks colors and icons. (The 12 is for the ’12th man’, the Seahawks supporters).   Is the plane a gesture from Boeing trying to make nice, though?   For the upcoming manufacture of the new 777X, Boeing took US$8 billion in tax breaks from the State of Washington, then turned around and screwed its Puget Sound workers.

Boeing’s 747-8 Freighter painted in Seahawks colors does a fly-by over downtown Seattle.

From Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan 9 : Boeing won—and workers lost. Boeing’s decision to play hardball comes at a time of record prosperity for the company, which is boosting its dividend by 50 percent and buying back $10 billion in shares. For 2013, the company is likely to post record net income of $5 billion or more. Boeing’s corporate power play is more evidence that in the economic contest between labor and employer, most employees have little power to improve their collective lot.

Superbowl Tickets
Check out this diagram of MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, venue of the 48th Superbowl. As of Friday, there were still some 2,000 of the 82,000 tickets left. Average price around $2,000. But wait! Let’s sort from High to Low for prices, and there it is : a suite for 30 available for $507,000 and change. That’s more than $16,000 per person.

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