Wednesday/ orange and blue

IMG_0582 sm
The Denver clock tower by the restaurant we were at tonight, is lit up in orange and blue ..


The project team went to dinner tonight at Willie G’s here in downtown Denver.  Some of the dinner conversation : ‘we should not eat any fish from the Pacific’ (dangerous due to Fukushima radiation). Well, that’s nonsense.  And do we know of Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan? (No).  Well, his arrival at Vancouver airport almost shut the place down due to security and fans, something that would never happen with a Hollywood star.  Which is your favorite James Bond? Do you like Daniel Craig?  Some of us did, some did not. I have no opinion on the matter!  And did we know of the Hungarian wedding tradition of the ‘money dance’?  The father or best man announces that the ‘bride is for sale’ while Hungarian wedding music plays in the background.  Guests then pay, and twirl the bride around, usually just for a few seconds, and this provides the newlyweds money for their honeymoon and start of their new life.

IMG_0590 sm
.. as is the building of the Denver Gas and Electric Company. All this in support of the Denver Broncos’s Superbowl bid this Sunday.

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